Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chaos Lord On Juggernaut Blow by Blow

My Chaos were somewhat wandering in no man's land until the Daemonkin Codex came out.  It was the perfect mix of Khorne goodness with all the units I have loved over the years.  But they needed a leader, someone with the rugged good looks to lead such a bloodthirsty horde.

Sadly, no 40k Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut exits.  But it does in fantasy!!! Behold the no longer available model!

Obviously I can't paint that well.  But I just wanted to give you a taste.  I snagged him on a trading website almost complete, just lacking the right arm and shield and the juggernaut was missing some trophies.  

For the right arm I went with a Chaos Raptor forearm and the axe from the Chaos Aspiring Champion.  Combining the two makes one mean model.  Whats better than one axe?  Two!

Obviously this guy would need some love to get him up to 40k Snuff.  BUT I LOVE this model, so I don't want to take away too much from his unadulterated coolness.   I decided to add on a Chaos Lord backpack with an impressive trophy rack.  The futuristic backpack coupled with the Ork and Space Marine head does add to the 40kness of the model.  

There isn't much to add to the juggernaut as he is essentially the same in both fantasy and 40k. But I did decide to add some xenos and space marine helmets and skulls to make it extra evident that we are in the future.

With everything in sub-assembly it's ready to start painting!

But there is a reason I suck at blogging, I don't take pictures of the process!

And now, the man who needs no introduction:


I love Khorne!

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