Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kill Team Battle Report Dark Angels VS Orks

This Sunday evening I threw down against my nemesis since the 9th grade (I’m now in the 19th!)
Here is a Dark Angels Kill Team:
I went with the low level librarian HQ, 5 tactical (one with a plasma gun), 2 scouts with sniper rifles, and two veterans, one with a heavy bolster and stabilizers (Fire full BS on move with only ½ range).
We rolled up the game last stand.  I would be in the center of the board with only ½ of my kill team starting in play.  The other ½ would arrive from reserves.  If Sam killed more than ½ of my kill team before the game ended, he  would win.

Here we can see the board.  I went with my HQ, both vets, the tactical with the plasma gun, and a basic tactical marine.  Sam split up all four of his boys to come at me from all directions.  He had his nob leader (Bottom left corner) with the power claw and another nob with a heavy choppa in the top right (beind the shrine).  
I set up on a bit of ruins without an elevator or ladder; knowing that he would have to pass an initiative test to assault up there.  He would have to either chance the failed charge or go the long way through the destroyed elevator just left to the center and run over the gap to get me.
First turn and first shot!  Lets see if you can make sense of the little picture show here:
Yep!  first shot with the plasma gets a 1.  And then a 1 armor save.  But thats okay, it only take a 5-6 to kill in kill-team.  So I rolled a 6!  The Orks were just given a helping hand!
 With the rest of my shooting I try and snipe out a straggler as seen below.

Sam uses the cover to his advantage and closes the distance.  At this point I have only killed one boy and had both of my psychic shots (Dominate) against his Warboss either denied or I rolled like crap to wound!  Things were not looking good.  He was closing in quick!

But who should arrive, but reserves!  An intrepid scout tries to take out the same straggler from before.
While two marines come to slow down the warboss and his gang.
Sam’s warboss is the target of the heavy bolter, causing two wounds!  Unfortunately my psychic attack falls flat again.  So what does my librarian do? Whip out his bolt pistol and lay that warboss out on his back!
The scout’s shooting wasn’t as successful, and he braces for the orks charge!  The space marine reinforcements didn’t fare much better and receive a brutal charge while the warboss marches on!
The Orks make quick work of the two marines.

But the young scout cuts an Ork down in his prime!  And his carapace armor stops the blows from the other two!
The Orks had also managed to knock the heavy bolter to the ground and hoped to capitalize on the opportunity with a desperate charge against the besieged troops in the center.  But the initiative of 1 did not help!  And my librarian popped one in defensive fire and chopped the only Ork to make it to the top floor.

The last of the reserves arrive in my turn to receive the heroic scout.  Which they do so quickly!
In Sam’s turn he makes a last ditch effort by taking out the newly arrived space marine and one final desperate charge with his warboss (arriving from the elevator!)
But a failed charge gave my librarian the chance to come in and land the final blow after the warboss was knocked down under a hail of fire!
With Sam only two models short of winning the game, he pushes on, trying to kill the scouts after making mincemeat of the marine.
But my librarian made a mad dash to join the fray.
After a brutal assault the librarian had downed a few orks and was ready to keep going.  But the turn limit was reached and the Dark Angels stood victorious.  A very close and fun game was had! 
I hope to add to my DA with either some assault marines or even a chaplain.  We shall see..

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