Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kill Team Battle Report Cultists VS Space Wolves

So here we are!  My first Kill team game was against Jake, an old gaming buddy.  He would be running his Space Wolves.  Complete with roughly 11 (don’t remember) marines with CCW and Pistols, a Sgt with a Power Fist, and a mean leader riding a very large dog (Or wolf, whats the difference?)

We rolled up the mission: King of the Hill.  Basically we would be fighting over the middle square of the board.  Each controlled section of building is a VP.  Naturally we both set up as close as possible and were assaulting in the first turn!

He got the first turn and moved in close with the space pups. This kid could be a wrist model.
He knocked down the first row of cultists with bolt pistol fire.  And a very aggressive wolf rider is about to knock some heads.
Unfortunately the other group of marines were less than graceful and couldn’t pass an initiative test to save their life.  My guys up top on overwatch would be safe for now (As seen with the space wolves basically jumping into the gaps.
After the ensuing fighting he killed 4 cultists with one swing of his dumb axe.  The basic tactical also took out all 5 of the other cultist squad.  Luckily my Spawn (Ogryn) was able to counter charge and keep that sucker right where I wanted,
As always, I skipped a few interesting events.  Needless to say, I set a space wolf on fire with my flamer, and knocked another one down.  My Cultists charged in and made sure to kick him while he was down.  Also, I was able to one shot his Sgt. with the power fist with my plasma pistol toting commander.  Never leave home without your plasma!
So here we are a few turns later.  I have charged both spawn in to try and bring down that stupid commander.  But he would not die!

He was able to pile even more marines into the fight, and eventually did kill one Spawn.
And you may be wondering, “Well what happened next!?”  Well, I was below half, took a route test and failed!  So my guys hightailed it out of there!
A solid victory for Jake!  My one consolation was that after resolving the injuries, I only lost TWO cultists.  While Jake lost his Sgt. with the power fist.  I got the better end of that deal…

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